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Featuring the Bombay Club , Washington DC -One of the most acclaimed Indian restaurants in our Capital City

Posted on: May 27, 2010

I Live in London, England, and I think we have the best ethnic restaurants in the world in this city.The Bombay Club took me by suprise. It is one of most stylish Indian restaurants I have been to , in many years, anywhere in the world.

The dining room is beautiful with comfortable and a few descrete tables.The service was attentive without being overpowering.The hospitality had the elements of the old world with all the touches one would expect from a “Club”

Now for the food bit .The seafood was noeworthy. It does make you sit up . I had the Malabari Shrimp and the Calamari Balchao that simply melted in my mouth.The main course and dessert were as delightful.I ordered the Ajwani trout with Chicken Biryani and the chutney sampler.Husband ordered the lamb chops and the crispy Arugula Chat.Great flavours without taking invading the taste buds completely.It was a historic moment for my palate !

I’m told it’s a favourite of the Clintons and other politicos but I didn’t see any on my visit.

Some notable items on the menu were the Duck Kebobs as well as the Seafood thali.The Snapper Pulusu appeared to be a creative fusion between fish found here and the classic `Pulusu’ preparation of the South of the India.

I promised myself to give that a try the next time around.

The Bombay Club offers you a great start to your favourite day of the week – The Sunday Buffet as well.
A Pianist plays while you indulge in the sumptous spread of Indian cuisine at its best.

As per New York Times `Bombay Club sets new Standards for Indian Cusine’.

On the flip side, it is an upscale restaurant so you may have to pay attention to thinsg such as dress and shoes which otherwise would not feature in the scheme of things, certainly not in mine.It did not appear to be a `kid friendly’ estabilishment either.So families with kids may want to give this one a pass.

Ecclectic, Exotic, creative and a delight to the palate, Indian or are sure to enjoy this and mark it as an “experience”.


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