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Movie Review – Kuchh Kariye(2010)

Posted on: May 27, 2010

Kuchh Kariye-In se door bhaagiye!

Rating: 1.5 out of 5*

Starring: Sukhwinder Singh, Vikrum Kumar, Shreya Narayan and Rufy Khan

Director: Jagbir Dahiya

First thing that immediately comes to your mind after watching popular singer Sukhwinder Singh deliver his first scene as an actor in this acting debut film of his is that acting is just not his cup of tea and the film ahead is going to be one helluva torture ride having to bear him as the main lead of the film.

Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh), a simple and honest musician in love with Alpna (Shreya), who is forced by the people of his city to leave his home town and move to Mumbai. Here he meets two other boys Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar) and Shani (Rufy Khan) who have also come to Mumbai in search of their destiny and fortune. Together, they realise, that all of them share same passion for films. They are also an idealistic lot and want to bring a change in the society. They believe that a positive thought can change the course of life. If one is able to rise above the personal selfish needs, one can bring a change is what they believe in. With stroke of luck, they do begin their film. They meet Roza (Khuahhish) and Pappu Halva (Mustaque Khan) and with her support their plans start falling in place. However, destiny has planned something else. There is terror and loss. Rishi is overcome with grief and disillusion. Will he choose the right path? Will Rishi and his friends manage to achieve their goal? Will Rishi be able to change the thinking of law and outlaws? Does disillusion wait for Rishi at the end of the journey? You get all your answers if you manage to stay awake till the climax.

Debutante director Jagbir Dahiya’s Kuchh Kariye tries hard to deal with the current socio political scenario and tries to incorporate certain contemporary and relevant issues. But despite such good intentions the film falls flat on its face mainly due to its amateurish direction, unintentionally hilarious acting by its main lead Sukhwinder Singh and a confusing script that keeps jumping genres. It keeps going off tangent in various directions and then suddenly comes together for what plot it began with. What further irritates is the shoddy treatment. Production values are poor and none of the technical departments impress.
Sukhwinder Singh should understand he is no Salman Khan by going shirtless many times! We wish to advice him to stick to singing which he is very good at and don’t ever try acting again. Shriya is good though especially in emotional scenes. Rest all are competing with each other as to who shall irritate you the most!

For a film with one of country’s best singer as its main lead, the music should have been good atleast but well that one area alls bags a big zero!

Kuchh Kariya is apt for you if you are seeking solace and want to have a good nap in the cool comforts of an ac cinema hall in this sweltering heat

-Sampurn Wire


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