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Summer Getaways- Nantucket

Posted on: May 27, 2010

The first time I saw Nantucket in pictures, I was swept away. This small island lies on the south of Hyannis Port, southeast of Martha’s Vineyard and 30 miles off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The whole image of clear blues skies, windswept sea and sand dunes, took me by stride. The aura is strong and you just cant escape the beauty; time moves differently here. The land of fishermen and average Joes, its best visited in the month of May, early June or September. Tons of East Coast charm and history on the 50 mile island, its a unique experience.
The water stays warm until October and the fishing is really good. Scallop season starts in October and you can get a license and collect buckets of Nantucket Bay Scallops, the finest in the world. The vacation can get really expensive here, do carry a lot of cash, for a single day can cost you anywhere between $300-500. For dining it is a blessing, but you won’t find a McDonalds on the island.
It is very easy to get around either with bikes or the relatively cheap bus that runs during the summer months to both legs of the island. High speed ferry services vary from $48-$61 for adults per round-trip while traditional services vary from $28-$30 for adults round-trip. Children’s fees are less and rates for kids under 5 and for pets are free. Reservations are highly recommended, especially during the busy summer season and can be made by contacting the ferry lines directly. Better still if you paddle your way through the cobblestone paths.
Public beaches can be crowded but if you rent a place like in Madaket there is a nice private beach. Town is always crowded and has limited parking so don’t take the car into town. The summer months are really crowded. The historical tours (the whaling museum) and ghost tours are very interesting and knowledgeable about the island history. Just enjoy the comforting island breezes and beautiful beaches and family owned restaurant.
Nantucket is a place that holds special memories for people all over the world. You can come here to enjoy the many restaurants, inns, lighthouses, beaches, the galleries filled with art, the shops, but most of the slow pace of island living. Nantucket has been a dream vacation destination for many years, there is a reason for that, come see for yourself!
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