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The Historic City of Charleston

Posted on: May 27, 2010

Walking through the 300 years old narrow and rough cobblestone streets of this very romantic Colonial port city, you cannot miss the history of pre civil war era that holds on tight to this Holy City. The history has barely changed here; 73 pre-Revolutionary buildings, 136 late 18th century structures and over 600 others built in the 1840s. You can hop on a horse-drawn carriage or just walk around the downtown to witness the well preserved and revitalized Charleston, one of the oldest cities in America.

Check out the Rainbow Row, once dilapidated slums which were restored to a affluent neighborhood, painted many a time and is a hit with tourists; step back in time watching the ante-bellum buildings that have survived earthquakes, hurricanes and fire. The White Point Gardens (better known as Battery) is the root of the City. Located at the end of the peninsula and facing the Cooper River, it is a nice place to stroll.
A tour of the amazing southern architecture and culture is a must; whether it is a Tea Party tour or Boat tour, a Pirate tour, or for the daring even a Ghost Tour in one of the most haunted cities of America. Get your tickets early online, as they tend to sell out quickly. If you want to save on money then look for free coupons that are widely distributed at many lodgings, the area Visitors Centers and SC Welcome Centers

Don’t miss Fort Sumpter where the ‘War of the States’ started or Fort Maultrie, preserved now as a World War II Defense Fort, apart from military history, the city also has some very amazing beaches tucked away. Charleston’s sails are simply irresistible. Weather permitted, you can reserve for one of the sails and explore the Old Charleston Light House sitting in the water. It is an amazing sight!

The market area in the center of town is unique; affording some good buys on souvenirs. There is also an abundance of good Low Country eateries and drinking establishments in the heart of the city.

Although the high season is in Spring and Summers yet thousands come for the Wildlife Exposition in February, the Cooper River Bridge Run and the women’s Family Circle Cup tennis tournament in the spring and the Spoleto Festival in May and June. And after a relaxing vacation spent in one of the local historic inns and hotels, they keep coming back year after year. Let the southern charm sweep you off your feet.


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