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Bollywood Wallahs Beat The Heat

Posted on: June 5, 2010

The season of sweat, harsh sun and never quenching thirst is back. With it comes light meals, cool drinks, tons of water. When somebody like our bollywood wallahs who stay outdoors most of the time, how do they keep up with the heat? Read on.
Drinks a lot of water throughout the day. Loves mangoes but refrains from eating too many. Also likes the tangy taste of apple juice.
In the summer, Malaika keeps her Hoth Rasiley with a liquid diet and very light meals. Cooling curd rice and lots of coconut water are just perfect for this svelte figure. But enjoys drinking water most.
Having been on a strict diet off late, Rani has lots of watermelon, lychee and orange juice — basically fruits which have a lot of water content. Loads of curds are perfect for her summer.
She fills herself with bowls of chilled cubed papaya and a big glass of lassi. Jal Jeera being her favorite beverage she loves the black aerated drinks.
She loves nimbu pani, coconut water and cola. Fresh fruit with curd, a dash of sugar, salt, mustard paste and chaat masala is her favorite summer salad.
Piggy Chops loves to eat idlis and drink lots of fresh juice and prefers chappatis to rice in her meals.
He drinks at least three to four glasses of coconut water and also loves tadka ka lassi with jeera powder and salt. His favourite drinks are ganga jamuna, nimbu pani with kala namak and watermelon juice.


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