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Exclusive: Raghav’s Identity

Posted on: June 5, 2010

When one talks about South Asian music or even more specifically of Indian origin, there is very little outside Punjabi pop kinds. After all who doesn’t want to pep up on the beats of this dhol infused music. But Raghav’s music is peppy, has its own unique flavor which definitely reminiscises of the ethinicity he belongs to along with the cultural influences he has absorbed in his gowing up years. A dashing first generation Canadian, born to Indian parents, has very strong musical roots. Having studied Indian classical music at a young age, he sang at the local temple, performed in musicals and toured across Canada and Europe.
At the tender age of 15, Raghav knew music as his only passion and the vocalist gave way to a truly amazing song writer, who also won the National Songwriters Association of America at a young age of 16. Soon shifting to LA, he trained under musical mater Seth Riggs, who has trained icons like Steve Wonder and Michael Jackson.
Within a very short span, Raghav has become a phenomena; the proof is in the press, the sales, the fans and above all, the music. Five years ago, the song So Confused from his album Storyteller reached No. 4 in the UK Singles chart, while Can’t Get Enough, It Can’t Be Right and Let’s Work It Out came in at Nos. 10, 8 and 15 respectively. The album, Angel Eyes, rocked both the UK and Indian charts for weeks; teens across the world couldn’t get enough of 27-year-old, Raghav Mathur — better known by his first name.
With a seductive voice this Mr Angel eyes, is back with his latest album Identity, a highly anticipated album which he calls very close to his heart. Raghav’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Identity, and his first single, My Kind of Girl featuring Redman, is a wow. With Bollywood fusion of Choli ke peeche, it is a must have party number. The single will be available on October 6th and the album will be out a few weeks later on October 20th. Identity features production by Mushtaq and Flavasia and Raghav’s worked with writers that have collaborated with the likes of, the Pussycat Dolls, Jennifer Lopez and Damien Marley.
With the video for My Kind of Girl set to hit the airwaves soon looks like everything’s set for Raghav to make his return. To hear more from the man himself, scroll down to listen to his interview with Neha Mahajan of


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