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Green Tea Secrets!

Posted on: June 15, 2010

Oh! how I relish the morning cup of tea as I browse through websites for news. But after bidding adieu to the traditional orange pekoe, the green tea has become my usual hot drink and I prefer it over anything else first thing in the morning. Off late I have seen aisles in the grocery stores stocking up all kinds of green tea.
Where Did It Come From?
The history is shrouded with a lot of myths but one popular one has it that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong, over four thousand years ago, had first green tea drink by accident. One day while sitting in his garden and preparing to drink hot water, as was his custom at the time, a leaf broke free from a nearby plant and fell into the hot water. He tasted the mixture and liked it. Immediately, he began the search for different varieties and tastes and the world of tea was created.
Green Tea vs Black Tea
The more commonly used variety is the black tea. They both come from same source the only difference is in the way they are handled. Green tea is generally baked or steamed right after they are picked. This gives the tea its color and polyphenol which is a natural occurring plant chemical high in antioxidant. Almost half of these antioxidants are lost in processing black tea.
Why Green tea?
Antioxidants can be found in many different foods like apples, onions, mushrooms; but why green tea is speical is because it delivers a great amount of these disease fighters in just a single serving.
Any Similarity with Coffe/Other tea?
Yes in the amount of caffeine. Green tea has about the same or less caffeine as the average cup of tea – anytime better than a cup of coffee. Still, you will find decaffeinated green tea for the discriminating drinker who worries about their nerves and wish to control their intake.
Mainly three types of green tea are commonly found. Matcha, this is generally used in traditional Japanese ceremonies and not available to a lay man. Sencha, most popular in Japan, the leaves are very solid when mixed with hot water to give a typical bitterly sweet taste. Bancha, made from tea stalk gives the drink a smoky and robust taste which shocks the senses and delights tasters. There are as many varieties available today as coffee to cater to different tastes and likes. From different flavors to leaf form, tea bags, it is available in nutritional supplements, beverages and even cheesecakes and ice creams! But do read the labels while buying one.
How to Drink a Green Tea
The preparation is not elaborate but the only thing that needs attention is that the water should not be boiling hot but just hot. Pour it over green tea, and after two to three minutes, remove leaves and let it sit. Add a dash of honey or sweetener but absolutely no milk. The transparent green/yellow hues of the tea are meant to be enjoyed and savored by the drinker, even as you reap the health benefits.
Health benefits
Medicinal antioxidant effects are ones of many health benefits of green tea.
Green tea also reduces blood sugar and cholesterol level.
It helps in arteries treatment.
It reduces blood pressure, prevents thrombuses
Stimulates Metabolism
Green tea strengthens the immune system, prolongs life
Right from weight loss, to an excellent manure for your plants, it is a potential cancer fighter and a health booster to everyone. Buy a box today, it will only do you good!


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