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Serengeti Migration –The greatest animal show

Posted on: July 23, 2010

Serengeti Migration is nothing less than the greatest animal show on earth. The migrating wild animals blanket the African landscape as far as the eye can see. A spectacle worth watching!

The endless plains of east Africa are the setting for this world’s greatest wildlife spectacle – imagine, nothing less than 1.5 million animals are on the move, from the vast Serengeti plains in Tanzania to the champagne colored hills of Kenya’s Masai Mara.
1.4 million Wildebeests and 200,000 zebras and gazelles, relentlessly tracked by Africa’s great predators, migrate in a clockwise fashion over 1,800 miles each year in search of rain ripened grass. There is no real beginning or end to a wildebeest’s journey. Its life is an endless pilgrimage, a constant search for food and water. The only beginning is at the moment of birth. An estimated 400,000 wildebeest calves are born during a six week period early each year – usually between late January and mid-March.

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is part of the vast Serengeti ecosystem. It also embraces the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya and part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania.
Migrating animals spend more time in the Serengeti National Park than in the Masai Mara and Ngorongoro Conservation Area during their annual circular journey.
The migration is as old as the history of mankind. For many millenniums the wildebeest followed the rains and used the Serengeti ecosystem with its grasslands to its advantage.

Let us trace this annual phenomenon – just to know what god intended and why.
To start with, let us see what the wildebeest, unique to this region looks like…………… to say the least it looks a little clownish, and according to an African legend, it was put together by God using left over spare parts, but one must accept the animal is superbly fit for its migratory lifestyle.

Now for the year round pilgrimage – the wildebeest also known as gnu spend the rainy season from December to June in the volcanic open plains below the Ngorongoro Crater. It is here that the calves are born. When the monsoon rains stop in June, the plains dry out and the wildebeest move west towards Lake Victoria in search of pasture and rains. Following the rainfalls the migration moves on to the north, into the Masai Mara. With the onset of the monsoon rains in December the wildebeest move back into the lush Serengeti plains. And the journey beings once again.

The five best safari destinations are…………………………….

Serengeti (Tanzania & Kenya)
Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)
Kruger (South Africa)
Okavango Delta (Botswana)
Masai Mara (Kenya)
Anyone who has seen two million animals on the move has been touched by the magic of the place. It’s it time you felt the magic?


1 Response to "Serengeti Migration –The greatest animal show"

Inspiring post!

Did you get a chance to make it out to the Kenyan coast on your journeys? I’ve heard that there is another kind of safari, an water-safari. Whalewatching, swimming with whalesharks, and SCUBA diving!

Thanks for the great post!

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