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A Child´s Hope Fund – caring for the little ones

Posted on: November 29, 2010

-by Suba Subramanium

‘A Child´s Hope Fund’s mission is to ease children’s suffering and is in the forefront of a rapidly growing global health care phenomenon. It is registered with IPCAN (International Palliative Care Network), an international network within the World Palliative Care Alliance. The network’s goal is to “ensure that the voices of children and young people with life-threatening conditions are heard, respected and acknowledged as part of the wider hospice and palliative care movement world-wide”.

‘A Child´s Hope Fund’ helps fight pediatric cancer, diabetes and hunger through medical and food programs, health education and emotional and spiritual support for children in nine countries endangered by disease, poverty, war and natural disaster.

‘A Child´s Hope Fund’ provides aid to the poor and oppressed, and at the same time strengthens local charities, hospitals and churches to meet current needs and develop long-term solutions to problems.

Between 2005-2008, ‘A Child´s Hope Fund’ shipped more than $17 million worth of vital medicine, medical equipment and supplies to medical professionals serving impoverished communities all over the world, in countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, the Philippines, and Panama. A special emphasis was placed on fighting AIDS and cancer, strengthening prenatal care, and reducing infant deaths.

‘A Child´s Hope Fund’ beneficiaries are mainly children and their families. The Organization works through local groups which are able to give a high level of personal care and attention. It helps children who suffer from hunger and malnutrition, and those who are devastated by other serious illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and HIV-AIDS. The Organization also gives resources to help local efforts to promote health safety and awareness. For almost 20 years, ‘A Child´s Hope Fund’s main partner for the delivery of locally needed health, nutritional and educational supplies has been the Naga-based Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor (popularly known as MOPSIS) a religious order very much in the heart and model of Mother Theresa’s work in India. Founded by Mother Joan Claire Chin Loi in Jamaica, the order is dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor. MOPSIS works closely with other local organization to distribute hundreds of tons of relief and development supplies every year from donated warehouse space.

If you want to bring a smile on the troubled faces of the innocent, lend a helping hand- please go to the donation page “You Can Help” and help with your donation!


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