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Indian Ocean presents 16/330 Khajur Road

Posted on: December 14, 2010

Iconic Band Indian Ocean is set to treat Delhi’s music lovers to tracks from their latest album.

They are known for their melodious fusion of different genres of music such as sufi,jazz,Chants, Hindustani classical and rock.

Now India’s oldest independent band , Indian Ocean , promises to heat up the music landscape with the new ` involved sound’ of their latest album – 16/330 Khajur Road.

“It’s an ode to our 14 year long association with the place in Karol Bagh where we created our albums, right from Kandisa to Black Friday”, says the band’s lead vocalist and bassist Rahul Ram, explaining the unique name of the album.

He adds, ” it’s both classical and rock- the signature style of our band.And we are moving on a multi city tour.UTV World movies wanted us to join them as a part of their initiative to start cultural dialogues and we are all game”.

Quiz them about wether they see themselves as a fusion band and Ram throws back the question saying “What about Rahman’s music ? it’s fusion, right ? I would cal lus nothing but just Indian Ocean”.

Maintaining their uniqueness this time too, the band is giving away all the seven tracks for mp3 download.”Getting into a contract with a music company is troublesome.So many issues crop up – royalties, copyright etc.So we thought we should have a direct interface with our listeners, hence the free download.And nowadays who wants to buy an album anyways” says Ram or `logic baba’ as his friends call him.

The band doesn’t have many Bollywood numbers to it’s name, but Ram doesn’t regret it.”it’s not our fault,” he says “In fact , our album album consists of those film songs that I, along with Asheem and gang , have made in the past five years.But for some reason the movies got shelved.”

But the Band has recently done two songs for Amir Khan’s production for Peepli Live. An old composition Desh Mera rangrez from their album Jhini is the title track for the film and the other is Darte Ho ( the last recorded song with Asheem Chakravarthy, the band’s lead singer who passed away in December).Speaking about Asheem Ram says “He lives in our music…he is with us.


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