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The Lion of Judah – the power of an animated lamb

Posted on: December 14, 2010

The Lion of Judah, an animated film, to be released on 25th February 2011, is all about the adventures of a bold lamb called Judah and his stable friends as they try to avoid the sacrificial alter the week preceding the crucifixion of Christ.

A bold lamb- Judah, a loveable pig –Horace, a faint-hearted horse –Monty, a pedantic rat -Slink, a rambling rooster -Drake, a motherly cow – Esmay and a downtrodden donkey –Jack; they are the characters who will enthrall you in the Lion of Judah. The Lion of Judah, a laugh-filled, heartwarming story seen through the eyes of this wacky cast of stable animals.

Upon learning that Judah has been trapped in the clutches of the townspeople and faces the possibility of being the sacrifice at the annual Festival, the stable mates leave their cozy barn and embark on a hilariously funny series of adventures to find and free their friend.

Wrapped in humor, the movie, written by Brent Dawes, follows the animals from the stable in Bethlehem to the great temple in Jerusalem and onto the hillside of Calvary as these unlikely heroes try to save their friend. The journey is interlaced seamlessly through the real biblical accounts of Palm Sunday, Jesus turning the tables in the temple, Peter’s denial and with a tense, heart-wrenching climax, depicts the crucifixion and resurrection with gentleness and breathtaking beauty. For Judah, the lamb with the heart of a lion, it is a story of courage and faith. For Jack, the disappointed donkey, it becomes a pivotal voyage of hope. For Horace, the dirty pig, and Drake the ignorant rooster, it is an opportunity to do something inappropriate and get into trouble.

During their numerous attempts to find Judah, a wonderful story emerges as they intercept, interact and entwine with history finally seeking out the King, who was born in their stable more than 30 years earlier. The antics of our unique cast crates a uniquely funny and entertaining epic as it winds its way through numerous side-splitting encounters and historical scenes.

Now coming to the crux of the matter, Monty, the faint-hearted horse is an Indian, and who do you think has lent his for Monty, none other than Anupam Kher. Kher has essayed the character of Monty to perfection. Monty is strong in stature but feeble in character, a real push-over who will faint at the drop of a hat. Monty was born in a stable and brought up in a stable and has never related to other horses, cartoony in character with a neurotic voice. Anupam Kher has done justice to the comedic role of Monty.

A family entertainer that crafts a tale with care and humility, and no doubt, The Lion of Judah will leave you in awe of the power that one animated lamb can command. A magnificent period piece with its epic sets is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

A long wait till the 25th of Feb, 2011, but worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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