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They met at Berkely and knew their common passion for dance. They are first generation kids of Indian parents who value their Indianess as much as they care about the American spirit. Meet Ishaara dance group, who do not have any fancy studios to practice in but they are Americas favorite on America’s got talent and want Bollywood to get first headline in Vegas.
America’s got talent, and scores join reality/talent hunt shows each month. They are appealing, compelling and seize audiences attention. But Ishaara’s troupe has taken America by storm, the TV reality show America’s got talent on NBC has been grooving to Bollywood like never before. Their eyecatching costumes, killer dance moves had smiling judges with their ‘socks knocked off’, bringing audience and show’s anchor on their feet, dancing with them; all dunked and dazzled in their high-energy, colorful and powerful performances wowing everyone right from the day of the auditions to their last performance where audience just wouldn’t stop making noise.
From their dynamic rendition of Jai Ho to Pappu can’t dance, they enraptured America to the tunes of Bollywood song and dance, which after Slumdog, has become more than evident. Ishaara was all set to create a new platform for Bollywood in the land of Hollywood, before being eliminated from the much watched show.
Coming from Berkeley, the exotic group is the first generation Indians in America, who are proud of their roots and are keen to explore modern dance style found in Hindi movies today, want communities across US to see the coercive act.Ishaara6
Of the ten terrific dancers (all aged beteween 18-22) that make Ishaara Dance, all are either currently studying in University of California, Berkley or recently graduated. Lead by Shahil Patel and Sian Bentson, they have all come together with a strong passion of dance; they crave about bringing Bollywood to America.

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americanindependenceAmerica is celebrating her 233rd birthday this year, and it’s time for all of us to celebrate, Americans and us Indian Americans too!

Holidays are great and birthdays are greater. And how America celebrates hers!!!!!!!!!!!

Parades and Marching Bands, beaches and barbecues, live concerts, neighborhood parties, picnics, and fireworks- the whole of America celebrates.

July 4th grows on you somehow and after a while, you really get into it. The mood and the revelry of an entire Nation takes you along its tide and there you are a happy immigrant as ecstatic because it has suddenly became your holiday as well.”

Spending time together, family and friends, is what holidays are all about. Get to do what you have always wanted to do. Shelve your worries and your pressures, it’s time for Mom to bake an apple Pie and time your Dad took you on the promised boat ride. Fireworks to watch, parades to join in, music and dance, well what are you waiting for, America is celebrating, so must you.

Come July 4th, every little place in America is celebrating, it’s infectious isn’t it?

Washington DC is a spectacular place to celebrate July 4th! The National Mall, with Washington DC’s monuments and the U. S. Capitol in the background, forms a beautiful and patriotic backdrop to America’s Independence Day celebrations

America’s birthday bash in St. Louis, Missouri, under the famous Gateway Arch, the nation’s tallest monument is another place to be in on 4th July.

Each neighbourhood has its own theme for the Parade,- ‘Declaration of independence’, ‘Colours of courage’…… what’s yours?

njiscaf1Four outstanding films, over 10 hours of rich, diverse and powerful regional cinema from across India and four prolific independent directors; come to watch the great independent Indian cinema. The tales of old masters and bold newcomers, no matter how low their budgets are, no matter whether a big producer is backing them or not, the independent filmmakers have grown big and strong, carving a niche for itself in the international realm.

Asian American Theatre Project’s initiative New Jersey Independent South Asian Cinefest, an annual event of bringing the versatile culture of South Asia to audiences in America through documentaries, independent films and underrepresented filmmakers will venture into its third year. Due to huge response and support, the annual event has now become a bi yearly event. On April 18th 2009, Busch Campus Centre at Rutgers University will buzz with film enthusiasts who will gather to watch four rare gems in the one day Spring Festival; Mrinal Sen’s Genesis, Goutam Ghose’s Kaalbela, KM Madhusudanan’s Bioscope and Chitra Palekar’s Maati Maay…..

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The prices of film tickets in India have gone up to such an extent that, one has to shell out a little over $10 for a show. Now this makes it impossible for middle class to afford films in theater on a regular basis. With single theater screens nearing extinction, the multiplexes are ruling the metros and the mini metros. More over, now they want their way in revenue sharing with producers and distributors.

Bollywood could face a virtual shutdown from April 3 if multiplex owners do not agree to the terms of 50:50 equality in revenue sharing for every film. This tussle, with film producers and distributors on one side and multiplex owners on the other, would effect the marketing and release of all the films from April 4. With Hollywood being an active party with the Hindi film industry, many distributors like Warner Bros, Disney, Fox and Sony Entertainment Pictures have also joined hands with their Indian counterparts.

It started from Mumbai, and has now taken in its ambit the Telugu films. There are reports that even the producers in the Tamil film industry may join the party.

The multiplex owners are demanding a performance linked revenue sharing model which will be based on the film’s budget, star-power and box office performance. So that means if people reject a certain film in the first few days of tis opening even if it boasts of big star cast, the theater owners will have the rights to withdraw the film. Of course, the producers wouldn’t want it.

Earlier, the rent to the theater owners were fixed irrespective of the collections, whether the movie was a hit or flop. So the risk lay completely with the producer. Now, there is clear revenue sharing, where theater owners also bear a part of the risk

At present, over 1000 films release per year in across 240 multiplexes with 849 screens in India, with a capacity of 2, 27,084 seats per show. They are essential to the profits of the film because the tickets cost more vis a vis single screen theatres, resulting in a big profit margin for the producers and distributors.

Many a big budget movies like Mahesh Bhatt’s Jashn, Yash Raj’s New York and Anil Kapoor’s Short cut, were to release in this period with exception of Nagesh Kukunoor’s Akshay Kumar starrer 8*10 which releases on April 3.

In the current scenario of melt down, none of the parties can afford losses, so this issues definitely would soon be resolved. But even if they decide soon, it will take atleast 6 weeks for any movie to release as this is the minimum time required to market a film.

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