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A policeman had a perfect hiding place to screen speeding drivers. But one day, everyone was under the speed limit, the officer investigated : a 9 year old boy was standing on the side of the road with a huge hand-painted sign which said “SPEED CAMERA AHEAD.”

A little more investigative work led the officer to the boy’s partner in crime, another boy about 200 meters beyond the speed camera with a sign reading “TIPS” & a bucket at his feet full of coins.



As a college student he studied commerce, however he always had an inclination towards a more creative & artistic field. After formal training to the J.D. Institute of Fashion Designing, after which he got a job as a designer at departmental store, ROOPAM. After gaining the experience and the technical expertise, he decided to enter the film industry.

Akshay Kumar was the first artist he designed for. He was Rocky’s launch pad in BOLLYWOOD. To keep up with his orders he set up a small-scale manufacturing unit. Keeping all interests in mind he took up a few artists & interacted with them. Now he designs for Hrithik, Amisha & Aftab. Media being a very effective form of communication, particularly films,definitely has a strong influence in the world of fashion
rocky S

The drive to gain international fame & success took him to Dusseldorf- Germany where he participated in the IGEDO fair. Now he plans on venturing into the international market and globally be recognized as a trendsetter

After signing to Cash Money Records, and not to mention recording with both Birdman & Lil Wayne, the #1 R&B singer was back in New Jersey!

Basement Bollywood & M4U Entertainment, together with brought the newest member to Cash Money Records – Jay Sean, Live at Fire ‘n’ Ice Club in Edison, NJ on June 26, 2009.
It was night of dance and drinks at Fire ‘n’ Ice, which astounded everyone with its vibes, 3 bars, 2 floors and 4 rocking DJs. This night was Jay Sean’s night and he rocked the floors with his popular numbers and a couple of upcoming ones, too.

The dance lovers were to the best of their ecstasy on his singing and live performance. He surely triumph the #1 place in billboards. The crowd was full of ardor and swayed the floor till early morning. gathered all the accomplishments with an exclusive interview with Jay Sean. You can get all the photos, events and latest news update on Do not forget to register yourself on’s “Vibes”. Get yourself more social and charismatic at Vibes!

“Dymond nyne”‘s Energy Drink bar was ensnare as it was a total ICE made BAR.

Mihir Thakkar of M4U Events was the host adding zing to the thrill to each & everyone. The dance floor was full of vivacious group of swarm as nobody wanted to miss the opportunity to see Jay Sean performing live.

VIPs got a chance to “Meet n Greet” Jay Sean personally and know UK’s breathtaking artist in and out. It was a night to cherish! will bring you non-stop fun, news and coverage of events happening in and around NJ.
The team at extends a hearty gratitude to M4U Entertainment, Dj Rish, Basement Bollywood, all our readers and followers who made this event really fantabulous , For those who missed it, keep a close eye on events sponsored by www.monadarling.comjay to ensure you never miss the fun that happens in the city!

Kismat Connection Back

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What an event it was !

The night was vibrant, weather–pleasant than ever and party lovers just didn’t stop pouring in. At Fire n Ice in NJ, May 23 was a night to remember. It started right on bang, just as DJ Aqeel entered the console. People were simply hanging around until then. As he started to spin his magic, they couldn’t stop shaking their legs, booties, swinging around and were left completely intoxicated. For any party, a DJ really pulls on the pulse of the crowd, but when the DJ is Aqeel Ali of Mumbai, India, one cannot ignore this talented dandy.

He kept churning magic with his music, some very popular numbers– Keh Doon Tumhe, Don remix, Desi Girls, Mauja Mauja,Ring Ring Ringa and the crowd grooved to his tune. And not that he limited himself to just playing music– he was dancing, jumping, teasing the crowd. Much to the delight of a lady in a red saree, he teased a couple of times..”Oye Lal Saree Vali” (Lady in red saree) — and people just loved every bit of it. They just wouldn’t stop whizzing. No wonder he is called pied piper of music lovers.

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mothersdayThe second Sunday of May is a very important day for each and every one of us. Mother’s Day is a day to remember the most important person that we will ever have in our lives. So what are you planning to gift your mother this year? Jewelry? Flowers? A Fancy dinner?

Sure those things would be nice, but what moms would really love would be to spend time with their families.

Maybe the deep recession has made everybody refocus on traditional values and what matters most to us. Perhaps moms understand best how much people are struggling to pay their bills and don’t want to pile any more of a burden on their children.

No matter what, the materialistic items can never express how much you care for her as may be a little rest that she deserves for the hard work she has been putting in all this while.

You really don’t have to spend millions to make your mother happy. A few simple things together will assure her that you love her.

1. Send her love letters: During the week leading up to the D Day, mail her a daily list of 10 things you appreciate about her. It could be in photos, scrapbooks, or may be just little notes with flowers. Just be creative and express.

2. Gift her a spa day: Give her the opportunity to pamper herself. For she has always neglected herself for your needs. If you don’t want to spend much you could even have a spa day at home. All you need to do is hit up the drugstore for some pedicure kits, face and hair masques, and body polish. Play one of her favorite books on tape in the background or a soothing instrumental soundtrack to a movie she loves.

3. Whip up a gourmet brunch: She has been cooking all her life for you. Why not take the help of the internet and explore the chef in you. I am sure she’d love the comfort of eating at home, cooked by you.

5. Host a home-movie night: Dig out those embarrassing family videos — road trips, recitals, birthday parties, etc. — and laugh your self off at the good old days. Bring gourmet popcorn, movie favorites like Junior Mints and Sno-caps, and make root beer floats…Read More

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mona_txt-copy1 presents the “DJ Aqeel Contest- The Pied Piper of music lovers”


The Contest

For the next 10 days will be running the “DJ Aqeel Contest- The Piper of music lovers”.  All you need to do to win two tickets to the DJ Aqeel show at the “Fire N Ice” in New Jersey is to register on Mona’s Vibes!!! It cant get simpler than that!!!

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Whats Expected

The person eligible to win the prize will need to join vibes between May 06th & May 17th 2009.

How Do I Win?

The winner will be drawn randomly from a shuffle array with an entry for every person who has joined Vibes Between May 6th & May 17th 2009.

When Do I Get the Prize?

The contest results will be announced on May 19th 2009.. Log on to Mona’s Vibes to see the results. The Winner will also be notified by e-mail .

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